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10 Reasons to Choose Catholic Schools

  1. Catholic tradition and academic excellence in a community grounded in faith
  2. Balanced curriculum that includes art, music and fitness
  3. Emphasis on moral development, service to others and leadership skills
  4. A 99% graduation rate
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Vision Statement 

Catholic schools in the Diocese of Youngstown are valued for their clear Catholic identity, academic excellence, safe environments, and ability to inspire passion for learning and service within every student. Our philosophy of care for the whole child (cura personalis) will nurture and sustain the unique God-given gifts of every student to enable each one to pursue and strengthen the Kingdom of God.

Mission Statement

As a mission of the Diocesan Church and the local parish communities, and in partnership with the family, Diocese of Youngstown Catholic Schools provide an education through which the rich tradition and truth of the Catholic Church are handed on, lived, and fostered. Children and young people are, in a unique way, prepared to participate in the life of the Church and society through a commitment to faith, self, lifelong learning, social justice, and service to the local and global church and community.



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The Diocese of Youngstown Schools are Fully Accredited

In 1994, the Bishops of Ohio formed the Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association (OCSAA) a collaborative undertaking of the Catholic dioceses in Ohio governed by the Superintendents of Schools. The purpose of the OCSAA is to strengthen Catholic school identity and mission and to engage Catholic schools in the ongoing improvement of student learning.



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